2018 - Three-Mile Creek

The WATS 5350 Spring 2018 class focused on Three Mile Creek, draining the north-end of the Wellsvilles. The project was envisioned by our local US Forest Service partner Paul Chase (Fisheries Biologist) to address habitat degradation and incision. The purpose of the project was to create conditions (with beaver dam analogues) favorable to facilitate beaver translocation.

Resources for 2018 Students

Some Maps

Three Mile - Aerial Photo of Study Area

Three Mile - USGS Map of Study Area (valley bottom from VBET of perrenial portion shown in green)

Streambed Alteration Permit

The work the 2018 class did on Three Mile Creek, fell under this stream alteration permit: 17-25-002, prepared by Paul Chase at the US Forest Service (see permitting).

USGS StreamStats



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2018 Consulting Team Outputs

Project Reports

Alluvial Research Consulting - Three Mile Design Report

HTT Consulting - Three Mile Design Report

Aspen Environmental Group - Three Mile Design Report


Aspen Environmental Group


  • In Fall 2018, the USU Beaver Translocation Facility and UDWR translocated six beaver into Three Mile Creek into the BDAs students built in April 2018.