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Logan River Rendezvous Reach (2017)

  • Logan River Rendezvous Reach Restoration Plans 2017, in here you’ll find 35%, 60%, 90%, 95% and 100% Construction Design Documents, cost estimates, bid specifications, and other useful information all form Bio-West. Also, in here you will find four geoTiffs provided by Tyler Alred of the hydraulic modelling he performed with HEC-RAS 2D representing before and after 2 year return interval water depth inundation mapping and a 100 year return interval event.

Some Helpful Videos of Area Flooding in 2017 High Flows

600 West Flooding 3/23/17

  • 0:00 – 2:00 and 4:00 – end show flooding between 6th W (Park Ave) and 10th W on Kunzler (north of river), ICON and City properties (south of river). Video starts at 6th W looking east then pans north and west.

1000 West Flooding 3/23/17

  • The video starts at 10th W and pans briefly to the east showing flooding of Kunzler property east of the highway (ICON is large white building south of the river). A short portion of the video returns to this area (around 2:15) but most of it (2:15 - shows flooding of Kunzler properties west of 10th W (as well as flooding on ICON south of the river east of 10th W). The Logan River is outlined by the crack willow trees. At 3:30 you can see a small, straight drainage and small line of trees at the middle.

Logan River - 600 West to 1000 West - Kunzler

We don’t currently have GIS shapefiles for you. If you want to georeference images and trace, you might take a look at this old lab.

What about Salix fragillis?

Crack Willow (Salix fragilis) is native to Europe and Asia, not North America.

Some info:

These are useful information on treatments for Crack Willow:

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