WATS 5340 Overview

WATS 5340 Topics

Students learn the application of the principles, theory, and skills of Watershed Science to aquatic ecosystem management and restoration projects.

From Fall 2017 trhough Fall 2019 the Fall WATS 5340 course ran the entire semester and was co-taught by Peter Wilcock & Joe Wheaton. We covered the following topics (kept here for reference for past students and as an alternative reference for existing):

In Fall 2020, we changed things up as follows:

  • Added Principles of Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration, 2 credit prerequisite (WATS 4950 ) for first 5 weeks of semester
  • Course taught over last 10 weeks of semester, with first field field trips combined with Restoraton
  • Peter Wilcock - Lead Instructor and Joe Wheaton - Supporting Instructor

All Fall 2020 WATS 5340 Resources can be accessed from the Canvas Site with occasoinal links back to here.

Fall 2020 Canvas WATS 5340 Course

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