Course Overview


Synopsis of Topic

For our first meeting, come prepared to role up your sleeves and work. We will meet in about 90 minutes with a brief, overview of what we’re trying to achieve in the course, review of syllabus, and talking about projects.

We will then head out in to the field.

Why we’re covering it

We need to spend the first 30 minutes just covering the syllabus and expectations for the course. We will then introduce you to restoration principles to prepare you for the year and your first homework for about an hour. Then we will take you down to the Logan River to visit on one of the two projects you will focus on this year.

Learning Outcomes

Gain direct experience applying knowledge as a watershed scientist to working on real-world aquatic ecosystem restoration and management problems (e.g. stream restoration, watershed management,wetland restoration) with practitioners.


Syllabus Handouts

2019 Rough Schedule:


Note that above is approximate, and Canvas should be used for due dates and turning in of assignments:

Fall 2019 Canvas WATS 5340 Course

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