Fall 2017 to Spring 2020

In both courses, a mix of individual and group assignments will make up the workload. There will be no tests. All assignments will require producing those materials that professionals and practitioners would normally prepare. Many of the assignments we will critique together as a group, and some you will provide individual peer-reviews on. All assignments will be graded as a pass-fail. If you get a pass on all assignments, you get an A. If you miss one assignment, you get an A-. If you miss two you get a B+. And so forth. Each group will produce a final project report and make an oral presentation. The grade you get is only notionally reflective of what you really get out of the class. The real value is in learning these practical skills on real restoration projects, and developing a portfolio you can be proud of that will help make you highly marketable in the restoration business.

Fall 2020

See Canvas Syllabus for grading.